April 20, 2015

Surfing in Malibu, Girl, Surfboard, Wetsuit

I can't count how many times I promised myself this was going to be the summer when I finally take surfing lessons... I even went as far as purchasing a wet suit, yet somehow summers went by and I never made good on my promise. Well, last week it all changed! Last week I decided it was going to be now or never! And... I finally did it! 

Though I imagined many times what surfing would be like, I don't think I ever realized just how challenging it really is! Yes, call me naive but I thought that years of swimming and yoga should at least give me some edge! Well, let me tell you, I was wrong! Very, very wrong! Forget riding the wave, or even just standing up on the board, after my 3rd lesson, I more or less mastered paddling out, but that was pretty much my only achievement:) Well, that and really sore arms! Can we count that as an achievement? 

But I am not giving up! My fourth lesson is scheduled for next week and I am adamant about at least standing up on the board by the end of it! Overreaching? Perhaps, but I am an eternal optimist at heart!


April 19, 2015

I think I've developed a new obsession... obsession with off-the-shoulder dresses that is. My preoccupation with dresses in general is nothing new, you know me, I love a good flirty frock but thanks to this season's emphasis on exposed shoulder, this preoccupation reached a whole new level. Seriously, the way I feel now, I could easily wear off-the-shoulder dresses everyday for the rest of the summer and be quite happy about that. Of course based on the number of of-the-shoulder dresses which are now part of my closet, the possibility of this actually happening is very, very real :)


April 17, 2015

Coachella 2015 style, Coachella outfit, Coachella overalls, black and white Coachella outfit

To be in Palm Springs any day of the year, for any purpose whatsoever is great but to be in Palm Springs for Festival Season, well...  now that's even better! Every year I wait for Festival Season like a kid waiting for Christmas and once it arrives, it never disappoints! It's always wonderful! Absolutely all of it! The music, the parties, the weather and of course my personal favorite, the fashion! For me, dressing up for the Festival is at least 50 percent of the fun! Ok, probably more like 60, if I was being completely honest, but I pretty sure you already knew that if you follow my blog on regular basis:) And if you didn't, see evidence here.

ASH Danica backpack


April 15, 2015

Have you ever had a feeling like something was meant just for you? Well, that's exactly how I felt when this suit from Via Delle Perle came into my life. I mean, come on! It's cobalt, it's a suit and it's a suit with shorts. So far, three out of three! But it doesn't stop there! You see, lately I've developed a soft spot for something I like to call midi shorts. Midi shorts are definitely longer than Coachella-style barely there mini shorts but not quite as long as Culottes. Basically a happy medium and a perfect option for pretty much any occasion! Having realized the full potential of midi shorts, I suddenly felt a void since none yet found their way into my closet! To fill the void, the scoured the web in hopes of finding a perfect pair, but instead found a perfect suit! Honestly, I wish all of my searches were this fruitful!


April 12, 2015

DYLANLEX Kaa bracelet, DYLANLEX  Liam bracelet, DYLANLEX Ari ring, DYLANLEX  Rio ring, DYLANLEX  Syd ring

You know my motto when it comes to jewelry, the more the merrier! I can't help it, I am borderline obsessed with armparties. Usually, I start with a bracelet or two and maybe a ring and keep piling on until it feels like I can't add anymore:) My hubby even coined a term for this, he jokingly calls it my "like you robbed a jewelry store" look. Normally, I just smirk and roll my eyes when he says this, but from time to time, when I for some reason feel the need to justify my style-related decisions, I try to explain that layering jewelry is a girl thing, and that's the way it looks best:) He responds by nodding and pretending to agree with me, though secretly I suspect he actually does, but just enjoys making fun of me. Evidence to support my suspicions? Well, it's plain as day... layering is the only way to wear jewelry! Right?:)

DYLANLEX jewelry, DYLANLEX bracelets, DYLANLEX  ring


April 10, 2015

MIGUELINA Bridgette vintage embroidery cover up

To say I was a little reluctant to get on board with sneakers with everything look was to say nothing at all. Perhaps I am a bit old-fashioned, but the notion of sneakers as casual footwear, not suitable for dressier ensembles has been firmly planted in my mind. And so, I continued to pair my dresses and tailored pieces with heels, oxfords and gladiators, basically anything but sneakers. Little did I know but everything I believed in when it came to appropriate footwear was about to change thanks to a particularly crazy busy day:) 

I was running late, so late, I didn't even care about the fact that my hair was a mess and I had no make up on. I grabbed the first dress I could find in my closet and put on a pair of sneakers mainly because they were sitting right by my front door. The whole day was a blur, spent running around from place to place. Yet by the end of the day, the one thing I did remember was not feeling like my feet were on fire! This was a very welcome change indeed! And so, next morning I did it again, I paired a tailored suit with a pair of sneakers and reveled in the feeling of this new found comfort. 

Now, I've become a complete and total sneaker addict! It's not that I am ready so say au revoir to high heels forever, but I definitely reach for a pair of sneakers every chance I get:) 

VITA FEDE mini titan crystal bracelet


April 8, 2015

EXPRESS 2 Inch High Waisted Destroyed denim shorts

For me, dressing up has always been a big reason why I love festival season so much. Though most of the time, cute and fun is what I aim for when I style my festival looks, as of lately, practicality and wearability also started to gain momentum. So, say studded fringed leather pants sound good in theory yet in reality, stretchy leather and blazing desert heat don't mix very well ( and yes, I did actually make this mistake ). And so, through a long process of trial and error, I've come up with a few festival favorites sure to keep you looking cute yet comfy no matter how hot the weather gets!

DENIM SHORTS: Always cute, always comfy, denim shorts look good with just about anything from bikini tops to flowy blouses. The high waisted pair from EXPRESS I am wearing in today's  post is a current favorite. First, I've always been obsessed with destroyed denim and this pair has just the right amount of distressing and second, I am really loving the high-waisted shorts cropped top look at the moment, and these just happen to look absolutely phenomenal with all of my crop tops.